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Discover our extensive selection of wines, with over 100 varieties to indulge in.

Procured with the knowledge of our wine experts, the selection includes specially chosen wines from Germany, Austria, Italy and France.

Gans to go

Enjoy one of the most beautiful traditions at home.

1st November to 26th December 2020

You have the guests, we have the goose.

We will prepare a crispy roast goose with red cabbage, dumplings, baked apples and chestnuts. You just need to take it home with you.

Goose | Sauce | Dumplings | Red cabbage | Baked apple | Chestnuts

159.00 EUR per goose
for four people including side dishes

Please book your goose two days in advance
by phone at +49 821 5036 0
or by email at

Impression Gans

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Restaurant maximilian°s courtyard terrace

Monday - Sunday
06.30am - 10.30am Breakfast

Monday to Saturday
12.00pm - 02.00pm Lunch
06.00pm - 10.00pm Dinner

11.30am - 02.30pm Brunch